Nürnberg Blues Exchange

Join us for a weekend in amazing Nuremberg, Germany, with lots of fun, dancing and adventure. Dance in the devil’s caverns, drink different Frankonian beers, come together with old and new friends and experience our wonderful region!

The idea of an exchange is to come together as the Blues dancing community, get to know other dancers from around the world and build connections. It is also our goal to show you Nuremberg and its surroundings and present you Frankonia as the wonderful place it is.
Of course there will be a lot of Blues dance on this long weekend. But instead of teachers and workshops, we will have as many social dances as possible, and teach each other in skill shares.
The focus should be not only on the dance but also on the community and creating an experience together.
This is an event from dancers for dancers which means we all help out when needed to make this exchange perfect for everyone.

We are open for all levels, so as long as you have fun at a Blues party, you are welcome to join.

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If you decide to take part in this wonderful adventure that is called Nuremberg Blues exchange an example experience could be as following.
You arrive at Nuremberg main station and your local host welcomes you. 
You go together to the WELCOME PARTY which is right around the corner and have a wonderful evening, getting to know all the other dancers, maybe meeting some friends you haven’t seen in a while and dancing a lot to fantastic live music. Early in the morning you fall asleep on your air mattress / couch.
On Saturday morning you wake up and after a delicious breakfast you get on the bus with all the other dancers for a day trip to Pottenstein and arrive at the SUMMER TOBOGGAN RUN. You take the ride a few times and have some wonderful dances in the open air.
After a light lunch you take the Bus to the „Ludwig’s cave“ near Rabenstein Castle and enjoy a very special dance in the wondrous and cool atmosphere. Afterwards you enjoy a meal at the gastronomy of the castle or a show at the falconry. To complete the experience of this day you get a tour through the Sophie’s cave.
After arriving back in Erlangen you take off to the MAIN DANCE NIGHT, where you have a wonderful time dancing as much as your feet can take. You maybe even enjoy some Lindy Hop dances.
After sleeping in late on Sunday you meet everyone around lunch time for a REFRESHING BREAKFAST. After finally waking up for real you take part in the SKILL SHARES. Maybe you can share something you have learned to others and you definitely learn something new about the dance. 
With fresh energy you take off to see Nuremberg in a CITY TOUR. Afterwards you learn about the different local beers that are brewed here and have a look into the beer cellar. You can then rest your weary feet and try out the different beer for yourself, in a BEER TASTING, along with a hearty meal of course.
To digest the food and the experience you take a short stroll through the city back before enjoying our GOODBYE PARTY.
On Monday morning you can relax at a beautiful local lake with a PICNIC, before taking the train back home.


Friday, 12.8.2022

Welcome Party
19:30 h – ~1:00 h
Location: Weinerei, Nuremberg
20:00 h Blues class to get (back) into the Blues

Saturday, 13.8.2022

A day in Erlangen and Franconian Switzerland

Activity Time Location
Bus departure to Pottenstein from Nuremberg main station (Nelson-Mandela-Platz) 9:30 h Nuremberg
Bus departure to Pottenstein from Erlangen main station (Bus Bahnhof behind the main station) 10 h Erlangen
Summer toboggan run 11–13 h Pottenstein
Dancing inside Ludwig’s cave 13:30–14 h
Food at Gutsschenke Burg Rabenstein 14:15–16:30 h
Rabenstein Castle
Tour through a stalactite cave (Sophienhöhle) 18 h
Departure to Erlangen and Nuremberg (possible exists Studio58, Erlangen or Nuremberg main station) 18:15 h Rabenstein Castle
Dance night with live music 19:30 h
Studio 58, Erlangen

Sunday, 14.8.2022

A day in Nuremberg

Activity Time Location
Breakfast 12–13 h Thevo, Nbg
Skillshares 13:00 –14:30 h Thevo, Nbg
City tour 14:30–15:30 h Nuremberg city center
Beer tasting  Tour through the brewery 15:30–16:30 h Brewery Altstadthof Nuremberg
Food at Bratwurst Röslein 16:30–18:30 h Bratwurst Röslein Nuremberg
Walk at the grounds of dokumentation center 18:30- 20:00 h Nuremberg
Blues party with Dobre Rano Blues Band 20:00 – 1:00 h Thevo, Nbg

Monday, 15.8.2022

Picnic at the lake, 11:30 h, location Baggersee Baiersdorf 

The standard price is 80 € for the whole event, including all parties, trips and distributed cooking.
Also included is the breakfast on sunday and the picnic on monday.
 You can pay between 60 € and 90 € depending on your financial situation.
Not included are the Beer Tasting (the tour of the brewery is included), and the rides of the summer toboggan run.


REGISTER HERE: Link to form
You will get a confirmation email which includes the payment info.

Let’s all work together and create a safe environment in so many ways.
You need to present a negative test on the first day at check-in. Self-testing is okay.
Refrain from attending if you show any symptoms of Covid-19.

Code of Conduct

We want to create a fun and safe space for everyone during this event so please read our Code of Conduct.

Further information


We recommend booking on AirBnB or a hotel/hostel room in Nuremberg as two parties take place there. You can also take lodgings in Erlangen or Fürth, as these cities are very well connected by train. The party on Saturday will also take place in Erlangen, and there will also be local attendees who live in Erlangen.
We also have a limited amount of free hosted spaces in the area by local dancers. During registration you can ask for one of these spaces. We cannot guarantee a hosting space for everyone. We will do our best and inform you about a possible spot by the end of July.
Also, if you are living in/around Nürnberg or Erlangen, please think about taking in other dancers, this would help us out a lot!

Transportation and Venues
The event takes place in a few different venues, which are all easily reachable by local trains. For the day trip to Pottenstein we will provide a Bus to take you there in the morning and back in the afternoon.

♠ FRIDAY Welcome Party
Weinerei, Königstraße 33-37, 90402 Nuremberg

♥ SATURDAY Pottenstein – departure Nuremberg
09:30 h, Hauptbahnhof (behind main station) Nelson-Mandela-Platz, Main Station Exit South
♥ SATURDAY Pottenstein – departure Erlangen
10 h, Busbahnhof am Großparkplatz, Parkplatzstraße, 91052 Erlangen
♥ SATURDAY Pottenstein
Erlebnisfelsen PottensteinAm langen Berg 5091278 Pottenstein

♥ SATURDAY main party
Studio 58 Erlangen, Drausnickstraße 58 . 91052 Erlangen

♦ SUNDAY Headquarters for the day – breakfast, skillshares, party
Thevo, Siegfriedstr. 20, 90461 Nürnberg

♦ SUNDAY City Tour and beer tasting
Hausbrauerei Altstadthof, Bergstraße 19, 90403 Nürnberg

Bratwurst Röslein, Rathauspl. 6, 90402 Nürnberg



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