Cold Fusion – Zouk meets Blues

Join our group of warm-hearted dancers at our very special fusion week-end of classes and parties for all levels and types of experience.

For this weekend we are focusing on mixing Blues Dancing with Brazilian Zouk. Whether you come from Blues or Zouk or other dance styles, you will find something to inspire you and elevate your dancing. Three international teachers are ready to get you moving.


Fusion Dancing invites people from different dance styles to mix up and to dance together. The dance is not based on predefined steps and movements instead the focus is put on the connection between the partners and/or the music. Dancers create together an experimental dance style. Fusion can be danced to multiple different music styles.


We will have parties all three nights, starting on Friday with a party to warm us all up to the idea of “Cold Fusion”. Pun intended.
There will be a pre-dance class by Flouer introducing you to some fusion concepts so you can have fun right away.
Saturday will be our big blow-out party (almost as big as a true cold fusion reaction). And Sunday we will send everyone off with the best vibes at our cozy fusion house party.


We will be working all together for four hours each day. Saturday we will get the Zouk dancers to groove into Blues dancing, and get the Blues dancers flowing into the Zouk world. Seeing where our dances can overlap and morph and how we can share movement together. Everyone will have something to share, and a lot to learn! It is recommended that you attend all the classes even if you already have some experience in one of the dances.

Sunday we will continue meshing our beautiful dances together into one, and also go outside the box with all sorts of fusion dance goodness.


Flouer Evelyn

Flouer Evelyn is a dance instructor & Embodiment Coach from New York City, currently based in Turin, Italy. She has been teaching Fusion since 2011, has MFA in dance and a background teaching and performing Blues, Contemporary, Latin Ballroom, ballet, and ice skating.
She has won plenty of partner dance competitions in various styles, and has performed & taught all over the globe.
But what is important is that Flouer has a warm, encouraging personality in class. She is known for her values of artistry and personal expression, complimented by her ability to break down any movement into incredibly specific detail.
In Fusion, Flouer brings her fascination of the movement and history of social dances to offer a variety of approaches. She is especially known for offering simple ways to give structure and easy access to all these free dance(s). Using imagery, anatomy, rhythm, embodiment, and concepts, Flouer will build your dance from the ground up; all the while teaching you about the music you are listening to, the related dance cultures, and why a movement became what it is today.

“The reason to master technique is so the body does not prevent the soul from expressing itself” – la Meri

Alain Andrieux

Alain became obsessed with dance 20+ years ago. His main styles: Blues (which he teaches in London) and Argentine Tango. These days he also dances Brazilian Zouk and Kizomba, and has significant past experience in Contact Improv, Salsa, Forro, Hip-hop/Funk, etc. As a teacher Alain is known for technical precision, and re-evaluates his understanding and pedagogy regularly. He has taught at Blues, Fusion and NeoTango events around Europe and a bit in the USA.

He loves nerding out about dance history, rhythms, music theory, and more. Being French he also loves eating cheese. That’s not dance-related, but a very nice activity too.

Jenni Schmitz

Jenni has a masters in counselling and expressive arts therapies, somatic, dance/movement, play, hypnosis, meditation, and beyond. She also has an extensive background, teaching, and performing in belly dancing, certified MAC Brazilian zouk teacher, Improv and abundant of other partner/solo/group dances from around the world. Jenni teaches you how to get out of your mind and connecting to your SOMA body wisdom within to transcend, connecting empathically, learning playful, joyful, and mindful presence, relax and center in your BEing, awakening soulful sensual authentic movement, and co-creating magic in dance and life.

Leonie Reck

Infos follow soon


Friday, 20.01.2023
20:00 h – 01:00 h Fusion Welcome Party Weinerei, Nbg.
20:30 h – 21:30 h This is Fusion – An intro class Weinerei, Nbg.
Saturday, 21.01.2023
12:30 h Check-in Logenhaus
12:45 h – 13:15
Warmup Logenhaus
13:15 h – 14:15 h Introduction into Blues Logenhaus
14:30 h – 15:30 h
Introduction into Zouk Logenhaus
16:00 h – 17:00 h
Fusion Dancing Logenhaus
17:30 h – 19:30 h
Group Dinner Hempels Burger
20:00 h – 02:00 h
Dance night Logenhaus
Sunday, 18.12.2022
12:30 h Check-in Yamuna
13:00 h – 17:30 h Fusion Dancing Yamuna
18:00 h – ~24:00 h Fusion House party Andreas‘, Erl.


Kulturforum Logenhaus, Universitätsstraße 25, Erlangen

Yamuna Dance Studio, Dechsendorfer Str. 14, Erlangen

Friday: Weinerei, Königstraße 33–37 (inside Ostermayrpassage) Nürnberg (close to main station. Public party)
Saturday: Kulturforum Logenhaus, Universitätsstraße 25, Erlangen
Sunday: House party at Andreas‘ place (Erlangen). You will find out the address at the workshops


Members of 1.BWC: 10 € per day
Non-members of 1.BWC: 40 € per day
Non-members of 1.BWC + students/pupils/apprentices: 30 € per day
Pay: Cash at check-in.

You can become a member of the 1. Boogie Woogie Club Nürnberg to qualify for the discount. The association offers in addition Boogie Woogie, Lindy Hop and Blues dancing and much more.
For more info go here: Membership Information


Friday: Donation based at Weinerei (~5€).
Saturday: Donations based (recommended 10–15 €)
Sunday: Free, bring some food and drinks to share.


Individual registration is mandatory.
After you registered, if you cannot come for any reason please let us know as soon as possible.
Click for registration (link to google forms)


Let’s all work together and create a safe environment in so many ways.
Please present a negative test of the same day (or photo thereof) before first check-in. Self-test is fine.
Please wash and disinfect your hands frequently.
Refrain from attending if you show any symptoms of Covid-19.

Code of Conduct

Have you read about our values in our dancing scene and how we wish to create a welcoming and safe environment for all dancers?

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