Lindy Hop »Monday’s training«

Lindy Hop classes every Monday (not during school holidays) provided by  Boogie Club Nbg.
Many experienced trainers provide a comprehensive Lindy Hop training in Nuremberg Gostenhof.

Lindy Hop Beginners

(please check “starting dates for beginners” below)

19:00–20.00 h training
20:00–20.30 h practice

  • Triple-steps and basic rhythms
  • Groove, posture, basic connection, musicality
  • focus on 8-count basics
  • various moves and patterns like Swing Out, Circle
  • Triple-steps and basic rhythms
  • Groove, posture, basic connection, musicality
  • various moves and patterns like tuck turn, send out, pass by
  • focus on 6-count basics
  • Lindy Charleston basic step and rhythms
  • Groove, posture, basic connection, musicality
  • Groove walks and Lindy Charleston kicks
  • Lindy Charleston basic moves

Lindy Hop Intermediates


20.00–20.30 h practice
20.30–21.30 h training
21.30–22.00 h practice

Drop-in possible.

Course for Lindy Hoppers with already some experience. For this class:

  • You are secure with dancing with the music and your body shows the rhythm when you dance.
  • You are able to dance to faster music in a relaxed way.
  • You incorporated a groove and swingy posture.
  • Your vocabulary contents the most basic Lindy Hop moves like e. g. swing outs and lindy charleston.

Please talk to the teachers, if you think you are a good fit for this course.

Course info

  • No dance partner needed, we change partners
  • Beginner’s course contains 3 blocks (A, B, C) – you need all of them to achieve necessary basics. We recommend doing them at least twice before levelling up.
  • You can start with any block, and do them in any order


Starting dates beginners

New beginner classes start after school holidays.
Course plan 2024:

  • 08.01.2024 – Block A (10 weeks)
  • 08.04.2024 – Block B (6 weeks)
  • 03.06.2024 – Block C (8 weeks)
  • 16.09.2024 – Block A (12 weeks)

No registration needed, just come to the class and we’ll add you to the list.

  • Free for BWC-members
  • 5 € per evening for non-members
  • 1st lesson is a free trial

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Code of Conduct

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