Summer Courses with David 2024

We are happy to welcome back David Tritel this summer. He will be offering courses throughout 5 Weeks. This is an excellent opportunity to enhance your dancing skills and, above all, to attend weekly Swing and Blues courses in Nuremberg.

  • 05.08.-09.09.2024
  • Lindy Hop
  • Balboa
  • Blues
  • Solo Jazz
  • Body Awareness
  • Teacher: David Tritel
  • up to 50h of lessons, 5 weeks of content
  • No Dance Partner needed. We will rotate dance Partner at classes

David Tritel is a Lindy Hop, Balboa, and Blues dance instructor who has been dancing for over 23 years and teaching for almost two decades. His specialty is improvisation, where he applies techniques that enable leaders and followers to develop entirely new steps together on the dance floor. In recent years, David has been working on advanced techniques to generate energy in movement, making the steps powerful and precise while still feeling soft and light.

Originally from California, David has been teaching workshops in Europe since 2010, including cities like London, Copenhagen, Prague, Warsaw, and Nuremberg. Currently, David resides in Krakow, where he has been offering courses for over 8 years and leading the local Blues Dance Community.

Here, you can watch a Ballrooming Blues video featuring David:

The schedule is the same for each week from the 05.08. to 05.09.

18:45-19:45Lindy Hop AdvancedYou dance at least 3 years Lindy regulary
18:30 – 19:35Lindy IntermediateYou dance at least one Year Lindy Hop regulary
19:40 – 20:45Balboa BasicsYou have attended 2-3 classes
20:50 – 21:55Balboa IntermediateYou have attended 2-3 Workshops / Courses
18:30 – 19:35Jookin BluesAll Levels Welcome
19:40 – 20:45Body AwarenessAll Levels Welcome (Suitable for dancers of all styles)
20:50 – 21:55Ballroom BluesAll Levels Welcome
18:30 – 19:35Lindy TechniqueYou dance at least one Year Lindy Hop regulary
19:40 – 20:45Lindy Cool MovesYou dance at least one Year Lindy Hop regulary
20:50 – 21:55Solo JazzAll Levels Welcome

Since we are aware that many people will be on vacation during this time, we have decided on a flexible pricing model for the courses. There will be 1-class, 5-classes, 10-classes, and 15-classes cards available for individual classes, as well as a flat-rate option. The cards can be used for any combination of different courses. Of course, you can use a 5-class card, for example, to attend a complete course of 5 hours (e.g. Lindy Hop Cool Moves).

BWC MemberNot BWC Member
1 class1015
5 classes4570
10 classes85130
15 classes120180
Flatrate (up to 50 classes)150220

All links to information about the organizer of the event the 1. Boogie Woogie Club Nürnberg e.V. and how to become a Member can be found on the bottom of the page

Individual registration is needed.
After you registered, if you cannot come for any reason please let us know as soon as possible.


Do you have any questions, ideas or suggestions? Please let us know and send an email to: blues(at)

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