Shag & Balboa Day

  • 2. June 2024
  • Collegiate Shag 2 Levels (also complete beginners)
  • Balboa 2 Levels
  • Teachers: Teis Volstrup & Teresa Fernandez
  • 1 workshop day

This day will be a very special release of a lot of passion and good energy for Collegiate Shag and Balboa. The partnership of Teresa and Teis has built up since they felt a perfect match in dancing while Teis was resident teaching in Munich where Teresa is based.

Both have an unavoidable big smile while dancing and their positive, playing attitude to swing dancing is their most important common ground.

Get ready for inspiring and fun classes with Teresa and Teis!








Teis (DK) & Teresa (ES/Munich) have shared their joy of Swing dancing since they met in 2022 in Munich, where they had the chance to teach together for several months in Vintage Club.

Soon it was clear that they had the same interest in live music and curiosity as jitterbugs and where live music was found in Munich those two would be the last to leave the dancefloor.

Teresa and Teis are truly energetic and made their first international statement together by placing 1st in the Endurance competition at Barcelona Shag Festival 2023 where they also placed 3rd in Strictly Shag and made it to the jitterbugs finals.

These two are pure jitterbugs and they are continuously searching for more ways to express themselves through dancing to swing music. Doesn’t matter the style whether it being Collegiate Shag, Lindy Hop, Balboa, Charleston, Blues or simply mixing in and out of all them through the same song. And with a 1st place in the Jitterbugs Cup at Jitterbugs Delight in Basel 2024 they got even more motivated to continue this exciting journey together.

Even if they have a broad interest in different styles, Collegiate Shag has been one of their main languages to express to the music. With rhythm, groove and partner connection as their focus points.

Sunday, 2.6.24
9Check-inupper Gym
9.15 – 10.45Shag Confidentupper Gym
11 – 12.30Shag Curiousupper Gym
12.30 – 13.45lunch break
13.35Check-inupper Gym
13.45 – 15.15Balboa Curiousupper Gym
15.30 – 17Balboa Confidentupper Gym

If you are unsure what levels to attend, please talk to the teachers of your current class.

Shag Curious (also for complete beginners)

  • You’ve never danced Shag before and want to start now – this course will introduce you to the basics and get you on the social dancefloor in no time.
  • You’ve already started learning and dancing Shag and you want to improve your basics, deepen your knowledge and get new input.
  • You want to built up your vocabulary and experience and improve your musical dancing.

Shag Confident

  • You are secure with dancing with the music and your body shows the rhythm when you dance.
  • You are able to dance to faster music in a relaxed way.
  • You incorporated a groove and shag-like posture.
  • Your vocabulary contents the basic Shag moves and a general understanding  of stretch, tension and release in dancing
  • You have a good connection and you can lead/follow more complex patterns without thinking about it too much.

Balboa Curious

  • You started dancing Balboa and already you can connect with your partner and have the basic rhythm + some moves/variations.
  • You want to built up your vocabulary and experience and improve your musical dancing.

Balboa Confident

  • You can lead/follow the different basic variations like up/down-hold and you can do your steps easily to fast music.
  • You know how to lead/follow basics like come-around, throw-out, side steps / lollies etc.
  • As more experineced swing dancer you have been to some Balboa classes OR if you don’t have a lot of swing dance experience you completed two or three semesters of Balboa classes and maybe visited some workshops.

Shag/Balboa per block (1,5 h each)

  • Members of 1.BWC: 20 € per class
  • Non-members of 1.BWC: 40 € per class
  • Non-members of 1.BWC + students/pupils/apprentices: 30 € per class

Payment: Cash at check-in.

Individual registration is needed.
After you registered, if you cannot come for any reason please let us know as soon as possible.



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