Lindy Hop Workshop mit Roser & Marcos

Spring workshops & party

21./22 May 2021 – 3-Level Lindy hop Workshop with Roser & Marcos from Spain
presented by 1. Boogie Woogie Club Nürnberg.
We are happy to have very talented and great teachers here in Nuremberg!

Saturday, 21.5.2021
Lindy Hop Beginner-Intermediate
10–12.45 h
Level description

You have been dancing Lindy Hop for at least a year and you’ve attended more than just a few Lindy Hop classes. You are able to dance basic 6- and 8-count figures, lindy charleston, swing out and variations of the basics. You go to social dances on a regular basis.

Lindy Hop Intermediate-Advanced
14–16.45 h
Level description

You’ve been dancing for at least 2-3 years or, if less, very intensively (3 times a week or more). You have attended several (international) workshops. You go to social dances regularly and feel safe with your dancing, no matter to what tempo or with what partner you dance. You want to dive deeper into styling, musicality and tempo.

Sunday, 22.5.2021

Lindy Hop Advanced invited
12–15 h
Requirement & level description

For this level you need to send us a short letter telling us about your dance experience and skills. As we keep this class very small, we will either send you the registration link for this class or recommend the Saturday’s int-adv class to you.
Requirements: You’ve been dancing for at least 3 years very intensively and you have built up a lot of experience. You have attended lots of (international) workshops. You go to social dances regularly and feel safe with your dancing, no matter to what tempo or with what partner you dance. You are ready to go back working on your basics. You have no trouble comprehending and copying figures, styles, rhythms that you see. You might even be a teacher at your local scene.



9.30 h: Check-in (Covid self testing)
10.00–11.15 h – 1. part Beg-Int
11.30–12.45 h – 2. part Beg-Int

12.45–14.00 h – lunch break

13.30 h: Check-in for afternoon class, (Covid self testing)
14.00–15.15 h – 1. part Int-Adv
15.30–16.45 h – 2. part Int-Adv


11:45 h: Check-in (Covid self testing)
12.00–13.15 h – 1. part
13.45–15 h – 2. part


Saturday, 20:00 h
live band: SWING ON WINGS
Swing DJs
end of party: 1 a.m.
You need to show a negative Covid test from the same day (unless you were at the classes during the day and already presented your test)


Workshops Saturday:
Downstairs gym, Reutersbrunnen school
Reutersbrunnenstrasse 12, 90429 Nürnberg  Click here for map!

Workshop Sunday:
Upstairs gym, Reutersbrunnen school
Reutersbrunnenstrasse 12, 90429 Nürnberg  Click here for map!

Künstlerhaus im KunstKulturQuartier (ehem. K4), Glasbau 2. OG
Königstraße 93, 90402 Nürnberg


We can only accept participant who apply to the Covid rules we decide for the workshop to make dancing with varying partners as safe as possible for everybody.
3G+ meaning: Everybody needs to get tested / test themselves before entering the event (workshop or party), 1 test per day)



REGISTRATION SUNDAY WORKSHOP: Read level requirements, then send email to:


Workshop (cost PER COURSE):
Free for members of 1. Boogie Woogie Club Nürnberg
Non-members: 30 € students / non-earners, 40 € for wage-earners

Party: No entrance fee but we do appreciate generous donations (15 € recommended)!


MARCOS LEON is a jazz dancer, he works as a swing teacher in Zaragoza (Spain) and at national and international workshops.He has been dancing since 2012 and teaching for 7 years. As a jazz culture enthusiast, he focus his dancing in lindy hop, solo jazz and tap dance, trying to respect the roots and the values of vernacular jazz.

ROSER ROS is an international swing dance instructor based in Barcelona, Spain. She teaches lindy hop, aerials and solo jazz in some of the most important Lindy Hop events in Europe, and also teaches regular classes in her home scene, Barcelona.

Roser started doing gymnastics when she was 3 years old, and later entered the world of circus. She had been learning different types of dance all this time, until in 2011 she discovered Lindy hop, and has been unable to leave ever since.
She has a background in pedagogy, coaching essentials, and education. Before becoming a professional dancer, she was a primary school teacher specialised in physical education.
Roser is a great fast swing dancer. She dances with an energetic and precise style. She’s handy with dips and tricks, and aerials. As a choreographer she has worked for dance groups, music groups, artists, and videos.
Meet her on Instagram @roserswing and at her online dance school

As a growing partnership, dancing together as well as in their classes, ROSER AND MARCOS emphasize rhythm, communication and self expression, always in a jazz culture context.


Veronika Thoma – Vocals
Katja Heinrich – Saxophon
David Motsonashvili – Gitarre
Hendrik Gosmann – Kontrabass

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