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Collegiate Shag Class 2023

For beginners and intermediate dancers!


29th of January 2023 12–15.30 h at Tanzfabrik
One afternoon of Collegiate Shag basics to prepare Shag beginners for the upcoming course or to find out if Shag is your thing.
If you want to participate in the classes starting February, you need to attend this course to catch up for the most important basics.


Start: 12th of February 2023
7 sundays with 2 hours each = 14 hours of lessons.
one level for all: beginners + intermediates BUT you need at least this prior knowledge: beginner workshop (29.1.) if you are new to shag.

No dance partner necessary, we rotate partners. We might have to start a waiting list for follows as we aim for a more balanced class than last year 🙂

Registration is open – links below!

This is what dancing Shag looks like (we will be dancing to classic swing/jazz music as well):



12–14 h
on the following Sundays:
12.2. / 5.3. / 19.3. / 2.4. / 16.4. / 30.4. / 7.5.
(attention: 30.4. we are in a different room!)


Tanzfabrik, Studio 4
Vordere Cramergasse 11, Nürnberg

30.4.: Studio 1


Beginner Workshop: 25 € regular price / 15 € reduced price – To be paid in cash at the Workshop.
Full Course of 14 hours: 90 € reduced price/ 140 € regular price, for the whole course – 7 classes (14 hours). To be paid cash at first class.

pay the REGULAR PRICE if you have an income that allows you to spend money on a dance class.
pay the REDUCED PRICE if you don’t have that kind of income that allows you to spend money on many leisure activities.


② Register for the NEW FULL COURSE here!

What is Collegiate Shag?

Shag is one of the classic three major Swing Dance forms (Shag, Lindy Hop, Balboa). It even was spread all over America some years before Lindy Hop became popular. It consists of a lot of hops and kicks and can be danced from medium to very fast music.
It includes elements of the Lindy Hop and at the same time offers a whole lot of different variations which makes it interesting for experienced swing dancers as well as swing beginners.

Different styles were popular in different regions. The different forms of Shag are referred to as Single, Double, and Triple Rhythm Shag. Nowadays the most common form of Shag is the Double Rhythm Shag. It’s based on 6 counts (like Boogie Woogie) and with a simple Slow, Slow, Quick, Quick this form of Shag is very easy to learn. Shag was the hottest dance among the college kids in the 30s, that’s why some styles were called “Collegiate Shag” which is not to be mixed up with Carolina Shag or St. Louis Shag.
(from RTSF, The little dance dictionary)

fast and energetic:
awesome team performance:



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