Frankonian Fusion Retreat 2024

Frankonian Fusion Retreat 2024
Regensburg, Germany


All information on this page is preliminary, but please put down the dates in your calendar.

Join our group of warm-hearted dancers at our very special Fusion dance retreat near Regensburg. A magical time of fusion dance classes, parties and many other amazing experiences. Spend up to 8 days at a baroque monastery with amazing teachers and many wonderful dancers. The event takes place from the 14th to 21th July 2024.


We want to create a space giving you the possibility to connect to yourself and other dancers. The retreat format gives you the opportunity to create deep connections as we will dance, eat, sleep and spend time with each other.

The first 4 days focus on dance classes, learning and growing as a dancer, while the second half of the week has a focus on connection, parties and community. During registration you will be able to book the first half of the week (focus classes/learning), the second half of the week (focus party, skill shares, community) or the whole week during registration.

The event is cocreative and lives from your participation. We have found a solution so that each person can help and contribute to the extent that fits them.

This is a family friendly event. Children and non-dancers are very welcome to the event and there is lots of stuff to do around the monastry not involving dancing. Get in touch with us if you are thinking to bring your family along and we will figure out how to make it the best possible experience for you.


Fusion Dancing welcomes people from different dance styles to mix up and dance together. The dance is not based on any predefined steps and movements instead you improvise together. This puts a spotlight on your connection to your dance partner and to the music. Every dance can be a new interaction and a new individual style. Fusion can be danced to a whole variety of different music styles.


We will have a party every night starting on Wednesday (17.7.). Sunday to Tuesday (14.-16.7.) evening there will be also some dancing but not as much as the other nights.

TEACHERS (preliminary)

Yera & Leonilde

Ist möglicherweise ein Bild von 1 PersonWe are very happy we will have Yera & Leonide, two amazingly talented contemporary dancers, as our teachers.



We are planing to have 2 additional teachers in our line up.


We will publish a detailed schedule closer to the event.


Herder Kulturzentrum,
Klosterstraße 10, 93188 Pielenhofen, Germany

The Herder Kulturzentrum is a former monastry which now can be used for events.
The nearest airports are Nuremberg and Munich, Germany. Closest train station is Regensburg (from there you can take the bus).
After registration we will offer an online sheet for attendees to organize ride shares.


We try to make this event to be as financially inclusive as possible. Final costs will be published asap.
We will offer an opportunity for people with low income to help more during the event to reduce their contribution.

Ticket exchange:
It will be possible to transfer a ticket to another person. More information will follow soon.


We try to make this event as inclusive as possible and create a space where everyone can express themselves.
– Any person of every culture, faith, gender identity or age is welcome.
– We are family friendly (bring your loved ones even if they don’t dance, there is much to do around the monastry and surroundings and they can stay at a reduced rate). Animals are sadly not allowed.
– We are inclusive to any kind of special needs, though sadly the event is not wheel chair accessible as there are many stairs and no elevators at the monastry.
– We try to make this event as financial inclusive as possible by providing the opportunity to reduce your event contribution by helping at the events even more.


During the event we will offer a never ending breakfast for everyone. Dinner will be prepared by the local kitchen team.


Registration will open as soon as we have all aspects fixed.


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