Blues dance

Welcome to our cute and cosy Blues dancing community.
Blues Dance has been offered by 1. Boogie-Woogie Club Nürnberg since 2014.


Once a month there is a 4-hour blues dance workshop followed by a party. The workshop is led by local as well as international dance instructors and is mostly suitable for complete beginners as well as experienced dancers.


Visit thatswing’s WORKSHOP overview to find dates and infos to upcoming blues dance workshops and classes

Sun, 14 July 2024
  • Participation in the 4-hour training sessions (including dance party in the evening) is most times free of charge for members of the Boogie Woogie Club and €30 for participants who want to get to know the club, but there are different workshop and price models.
  • Always check the desired workshop for its costs.

Boogie Club Info

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Code of Conduct

Have you read about the values in our dance scene and how we want to create a welcoming and save and environment for all dancers?
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