Swing & Blues dance Scene
in and around Nuremberg

THAT SWING is a platform organizing our local swing and blues dancing, collecting and presenting the local classes, workshops and other dance events that we or people we are connected to, provide.

As a group of dancers who care about the music and the dances, we work on growing this wonderful dance scene and making it ever more divers and welcoming.
We hope you can easily find everything that you are looking for whether it is regular dance classes, weekend events, booking shows or learn about the organizers and team.

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Cold Fusion
New Horizons








Shag & Balboa Workshops
with Teis & Teresa

2nd of June 2024, Nbg

All Swing Open Training






One Saturday a month.
Practice for all swing dances.

swing loves blues
03.–06.10.2024, Nürnberg

CLASSES: Lindy Hop, Blues, Balboa, Slow Bal

TEACHERS: Gas & Alba, Bénèdicte & Laurent, Cédric & Caroline

4 PARTIES with live music Thursday to Sunday

Dancing is meant to be fun! We want to have fun and enjoy connecting with others on the dance floor.

At the same time we also want everyone to feel and be safe and welcome while attending our events and workshops.

Read more about how to make that positive experience happen in our and any other dance scene.

Classes and dance history

Find the classes you are looking for and learn about the history and background of these dances.

We are guests in these Black music and dance cultures, we appreciate and celebrate its creativity, sense of community, and freedom of expression.