1. Boogie Woogie Club Nürnberg e.V.

Founded in 1995 by enthusiastic boogie dancers, the “1st Boogie Woogie Club Nürnberg e. V.”, affectionately referred to from here on as “BWC”, “Verein” or “Boogie Club”, has been more or less the central pillar of our swing and blues scene since Lindy Hop found a home in the club in the early 2000s and Blues in 2014.

We organise the majority of our workshops, dance courses/training and social dances as part of the BWC. As a club member, you can take advantage of the wide range of activities on offer at discounted prices, some of them free of charge (e. g. Lindy Hop Monday’s training).

Club’s website

Dance programme of the association

Lindy Hop Classes

  • “Monday’s training” in Nürnberg: weekly class starting from 19 h
  • not during school’s holidays
  • 2 level: beginner, intermediate

Blues Workshops

  • Monthly workshops for beginners
  • Workshops for all levels
  • Weekend events with social dances

Collegiate Shag


Swing / Blues Workshops

Day and weekend workshops in the various dances

Swing Open Training “Übungsnachmittag”

Training without teaching with swing music

Boogie Woogie, Rock the Billy

  • Boogie Woogie: weekly training, workshops, parties.
  • Rock the Billy: weekly training